Why choose Insignia?

The most advanced technology

Like fingerprints, your smile is unique. So why should you think your orthodontic treatment is too much? Imagine you are walking through a shop in search of pain medicine, and you are presented with many options that are not specific to your headache. Now, imagine walking through that same shop only to find headache medicine made just for your specific need. Pretty good, right? Well, that is what Insignia does for braces... a truly custom approach to orthodontic treatment.

A certified specialist

Insignia Orthodontists are members of a select group who have received additional training and certification to provide the best patient care available and the perfect smile for you.
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The fast and convenient treatment

Insignia treatment adapts to the individual patient. Each support is precisely calculated to affect its movement of the teeth in the most optimal way, resulting in fewer visits to the clinic, shorter office visits and faster treatment time.

Accurate, predictable results

Finally, a treatment plan developed by your orthodontist using Insignia creates a layer of meticulous detail that delivers fast, accurate and predictable results.

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