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A dental implant is the prosthetic replacement of a missing tooth in the mouth achieved by inserting a biocompatible metal abutment, usually titanium, in the bone. Thanks to this placement, it is possible to replace one, several or all of the lost teeth.

Advantages of implants

- They are placed in a single visit (surgical phase).
- They are highly biocompatible with human bone (osseointegration).
- They are highly aesthetic with porcelain or zirconia crowns (prosthetic phase).
- Security and functionality are guaranteed.
- Various types of prostheses can be fixed to the implants.
- Local anesthesia, immediate recovery

Total implant-supported prostheses

When there are no teeth in the mouth, the best option is to place implants that serve as the pillars upon which full dentures can be fixed. In this way, we ensure that the patient is able to eat any food with no difficulty.