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Dental Aesthetics

Yellow or stained teeth? Large spaces between them? Crooked or uneven? Your teeth are not in harmony with your face? Aesthetic dentistry offers minimally invasive treatments with surprising results in very little time. Decide to smile safely and impressively at the world. At Playa Smiles we will tell you how.

Teeth Whitening

In just one hour, you can have your teeth 5 tones whiter with a safe and fast method, as we have the most modern technology to achieve your objective. We also offer the home method you can do in the comfort of your home through the use of splints specially designed in our office and with the right material for this type of whitening. Don't risk your security with products you see on television, or with miracle products without a scientific basis.


Crowns are a highly aesthetic restorative method made with materials such as zirconia, metal-free porcelain and metal-porcelain, providing support and resistance to the tooth structure and an unbeatable appearance.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are small sheets of ziorconia, porcelain or resin, which cover the tooth through minimal wear, have impressive realism and generate a very high change in the patient’s self-esteem. They do not limit any of the person's normal functions, such as eating, speaking, etc.


At Playa Smiles we use latest generation nanohybrid resins that provide unbeatable aesthetics, high resistance to wear and great durability compared with other types of resins. If you are thinking about having a resin placed in another dental office, ask about brands and the quality of the material to be used.