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Child Dentistry

Childhood is a time of great importance for perfect oral health in the future. With an early visit to the dentist we can detect and correct dental problems, unnecessary habits such as thumb or lip sucking, children who habitually breathe through the mouth or who have difficulty eating (atypical swallowing) and a myriad of conditions that can create greater problems in the future if not addressed in time.

Attention to newborns and infants

The visit to the dentist starts at birth, language or frenulum problems can be detected at an early age. All oral treatments are performed by professional who are experts in the area and have the knowhow for conducting proper therapeutics for the child

Child maxillary orthopedics

The placement of maxillary orthopedic appliances at an early age will help us to redirect the growth of the jawbone, correcting facial or dental problems that can be detected in a visit to the dentist and thus avoid complications in the future when treatment is more costly and invasive.